Das Geheimnis des perfekten Körpers

Personal home care is very important. Everyone wants to have perfect bodies. The beauty centers and care center are like a sanctuary and temple for the rich women. So, the poor women or people who do not have enough money?

The poor women who do not have enough money can do many things at home themselves. Of course, if you want the rich women, you can do it at home.

Beauty is the top priority in the women’s world. They spend a lot of time for them. You can have very beautiful bodies when you use these elixirs at home.

Brushing: Before showering, to wash in the bathroom you should brush out the cellulite.

Enjoy in the bathroom : Prepare a water that is built with bath oil. Relax and soften the skin. Wait a few minutes in the bathtub.

Smooth the skin : After you go out of bath, rub knee and foot heels.

Moisturize the skin : Use moisturizer on the hand and ankles. Do not forget to massage too.

TREAT FOR THE FEET : Feet care is very important about health, quality life etc. You should pay attention to the feet. Apply a fruity cream to your feet. Then wear cotton socks.

Face is a part of the body : cleanse the face and massage. Use ” exfoliating application ” on the face. So try to revive the face and skin with mask. You can also use moisturizing and soothing face cream.

Hair is beauty feature of the body : Instead of painting the hair, choose the natural hair color.

Vaseline : Use “Vaseline” on ear skin and hair bases.

Do you want to look bronze?

You should scrub and brush all the bodies. While using Bronzer product, massage to the skin. Moisten the skin every day.

Besides, do not forget that the beautiful skin can show the body nicely.

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